As always you are able to express your ideas so succinctly! It is really an impressive skill. ☺️ This is a really well reasoned response to what gives life meaning, but I must be contrary and say that I would disagree with your conclusion. I think if meaning were based only on what the concept contrasts itself to, that would be self-referential reasoning, and wouldn’t really give any kind of foundational meaning at all. Happiness only has meaning because of sadness and vice versa. Life only has meaning because of the knowledge of death and vice verse. But what *is* happiness. What *is* life? What is death or even knowledge for that matter? Did these concepts just simultaneously exist one day? Did they always exist? Are they eternal? I would argue that meaning must be both foundational (getting to the essence of things) and it must be transcendent (known to exist outside human endeavor).

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“One can begin to reshape the landscape with a single flower.” - Ambassador Spock

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